First Album

Michael Junior "Traumland"

Traumland, Album

Date Of Release: October 04, 1999

TrackTitlePlaying Time
01Il Mondo3:25
04Santa Lucia3:27
05Panis Angelicus *3:05
06La Spagnola3:30
07Wer Kommt Mit Mir (DavidŽs Song)3:34
08Ich Liebe Dich3:24
09Nur Die Schwäne Wissen Wo4:09
10Ave Maria3:22
11YouŽll Never Walk Alone2:40
12Wär Ich Zauberer3:24
13Friends *3:27

Total Playing Time 43:37

MichaelŽs First Album Was Also Released As "Dreamland"

TrackTitlePlaying Time
01Il Mondo3:25
04Santa Lucia3:28
05Panis Angelicus *3:05
06La Spagnola3:31
07WhoŽll Come With Me3:36
09Seuls Le Cygnes Vont Là-Bas4:11
10Ave Maria3:25
11YouŽll Never Walk Alone2:34
12Le Magicien3:24
13Friends *3:27

Total Playing Time 43:34

On The Album Michael Is Singing Classical And Pop Songs

In Several Languages, Incl. Two Duets (*) With Helmut Lotti

"Panis Angelicus" Was Already Released As Single In 1998

Panis Angelicus, 1-Track-Single

The Concert-Video "Helmut Lotti Goes Classic III" Featured

Michael With A Performance Of The Song "Il Mondo"

Chart Position Germany

Michael Junior "Traumland"

November 15, 1999

This WeekLast WeekWeeks BeforeCharts
-9474,49,41,0Top 100 Albums

Michael Junior "Dreamland" Was Also Released As Video

Dreamland Video

Christmas CD
Christmas Video

Other Releases: "Classical Christmas With Helmut Lotti" CD &
VHS, Mainly Helmut But Featuring 12yo Michael With "Panis
Angelicus" (Early Duet) & "Stille Nacht" (Silent Night - Solo)